Wednesday Morning Meditation with Clem Jarvis

These activities are suitable for first timers or those with previous meditation experience.
8:30 to 9:00am – An Invitation: To Sit in Stillness

Take these 30 minutes of mid-week time to sit quietly, relax and allow a quite stillness to settle in your mind. There is no interruption, just the opportunity to share a space in peace and silence.

A bell is sounded by a leader at the beginning and end of the half hour and in that time you can silently practice simple mindfulness, recite a mantra, a prayer or enjoy the permission to take a moment to sit and do nothing at all.

There is no charge for this time.
More Information:

9:00 to 9:45am ā€“ Exploring Meditation

Meditation has become increasingly popular over the last fifty years since finding its recognised place as a beneficial form of therapy, a valuable approach to self development and as a spiritually transformative practice.
Perhaps most importantly, meditation is now respected by doctors, psychologists and educators as a powerful tool for working with and uplifting the mind and emotions.
The theory and practice of meditation is introduced. The practices will include exercises from secular, yoga and Buddhist traditions.
There is a charge of $5 for this time

For more information: Clem Jarvis 5126 2064. Leave a message and your number on the answering machine if Iā€™m not in ā€“ please speak clearly and leave your number (twice).



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