Lucilla Hammond – Yoga Student & Teacher. Owner of Joy Yoga

Profile picFrom my very first Yoga class I just knew this practice was for me. What I didn’t realise was why it was for me. And what exactly is was going to do for me.

Wow, that was about 15 years ago now.

I, like many others, started to practice Yoga because physically it felt sooo good. What kept me coming back, & quickly beginning my own personal practice, was the realisation I could start to control my moods & emotional states better.


What lead me to teach Yoga was the life changing understanding of the power of this Ancient Art form. It helped me to interact & respond to Life differently, to begin to take control. And responsibility. That began to change everything. For the better.

For 7 years I took weekly Iyengar classes in Edinburgh (yes, sunny Scotland) where I lived at the time. It never occurred to me to take any more classes than that, as I did a home practice 3 or 4 times a week. My home practice was deeply nourishing & found I could tailor my practice to suit my needs of the day.

As an Australian I eventually returned home & began to experiment with the different types of Yoga around. And boy – there was a lot! So I had a lot of fun exploring a variety of approaching. And you know, they all have something special to offer. I love to mix these styles together, to tailor make a practice each day. Nothing prescribed. Nothing the same.

There is no right or wrong or best way with Yoga. It’s just whatever suits you.

In 2006 my partner & I did the big ‘Tree Change’ & move to a place called Mirador Springs, in Trafalgar, set in the Strezlecki Ranges in the Gippsland, Victoria. Here I began to study Yoga Teaching with the Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne in 2007 where I obtained my advance diploma.

I have been teaching ever since. And I love it.

I love to bring humour, flow & creativity into my classes. I encourage my students friends to do the same.

I believe in self alignment & try to teach what it should feel like when aligned rather than what it should look like. I love the use of props to help students friends be comfortable. I believe in developing a great degree of comfort in the body, not go out of the way looking for the pain. This can be a very Western approach to our bodies. One we need to soften.

Yoga should feel Delicious!

I am also a Thai Yoga masseuse, having done 3 levels in Lotus Palm with Trinity Yoga. I LOVE this practice – & so will you if you try it. So healing. So nurturing. So rejuvenating.

I live on a slice of paradise called Mirador Springs, where my partner & I run a B&B self contained cottage, & gardens/cafe/venue. You can mix both of the above, here at this heavenly place. Check it out.

I have a great passion for personal development & love to share what has helped me along the way. Now, what helps me might just help you. If you’re in the area, get in touch.

Honor Beveridge – Friday Flow and cover teacher

My love of yoga started late in my life, having dipped in and out of it for number of years.Honor

I have come from a background of attending gym classes and running and cycling, all my adult life. Although I loved being active I found I was recovering less from each injury. This led to operations. During a stressful period in my life I was drawn more to yoga and began to notice the effects it had on my mind as well as the relief in the physical body.

I felt a strong calling to study Yoga in more depth.

In 2010 I began to study at The Australian Yoga Academy and obtained my advanced diploma. I also met Lucilla who became, and still is my mentor. This was one of the best decisions I have made for my own health and well being.

I am continually developing my knowledge and have attended workshops and courses here and overseas. I have experimented with some of the different types of yoga that is around. I believe however, that the most benefits come from a dedicated home practice so you can decide what is required for your own body.

I like to teach a gentle flow style of class to allow everyone to feel comfortable at their level of practice by gentle guidance and support.

Yoga is as much about the spirit and mind as it is the physical body. Like everything else, my yoga practice is constantly evolving, and I love to share the benefits with others.

Clem Jarvis – Meditation & gentle yoga teacher6_clem

From the late 1960s Clem has trained in meditation techniques in the Theravadan, Mahayana and Zen Buddhist traditions. During the 1970’s he extended his interest to the practices of Yoga and Tai Chi.

Over the last twenty years Clem has presented Tai Chi/Meditation classes at the Morwell, Moe and Churchill Neighbourhood Houses and the Gippsland Institute of TAFE. He has also presented a short course, Introduction to Zen Meditation, at Scope, Morwell and the Joy Yoga Centre, Moe.

In addition Clem is a qualified masseur; having completed his studies in Swedish Therapeutic and Myofascial Release massage at In-Touch Healing at Drouin in 2004.

His long term interest in yoga and mediation culminated in Clem undertaking the Satyananda yoga teacher training course in 2010-11. He completed his Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Training in 2011.

Clem is an Accredited Satyananda Yoga Teacher and a member of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association (ATMA) as a teacher of meditation in the context of personal development and within a spiritual/religious tradition.

In 2012 he completed the Meditation Teacher Training course at the Gawler institute at Yarra junction and is qualified to deliver their Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation course.

Clem continues to develop his understanding of and explore the benefits of meditation and yoga through a dedicated home practice as well as regular attendance at workshops.

Deb Vawdrey – Cover teacherDeb3

Deb is new to the area. Previously she was living in Mornington where to practice and studied Yoga with Symphisis Yoga, completing her training in 2013.

This is what Deb has to say about Yoga:
Yoga has given me so much in the way of flexibility, strength, spiritual growth and self worth. I believe it has been the most significant influence on my life in recent years and given me a more open, accepting and loving outlook as well as improve my physical and emotional state. The people I have met through yoga have enriched my life and opened my eyes and my heart to the importance of inner growth and self love.

Yoga also provides me with balance and stress relief needed to cope with the pressures of my financial services business.
Since moving to the Gippsland region I have been blessed with many opportunities to further my teaching experience and get to know many of the wonderful people in the area who have made me feel at home in a totally new region.


Recent Posts

S&A – Know what you’re got.

Stress and anxiety are one of the most common reasons people come to yoga and meditation. It effects around about 75% of us in one way or another. Culturally and collectively we seem to suffer from both of these conditions.

Close-up of a sad and depressed woman deep in though outdoors.Yet, stress and anxiety are not the same thing. Nor if you have one do you necessarily have the other. Stress is caused by a particular situation or event that is happening in your life.  Like a heavy work load, a relationship breakup, moving house, changing jobs or organising an event etc. It is actually happening in real time. (Apart from PTSD, which is a past event). Once the event or situation is over, so too should the stress.

Anxiety is a fear or a feeling of apprehension, worry or unease usually about a future event. That event maybe real or imaginary, the brain won’t know the difference! It maybe a particular event, such as a job interview or an exam, where it is natural to feel anxious. In actual fact, it can be helpful in motivating you to prepare appropriately. It may have been caused by a stressful situation, fearing a negative outcome, which is also normal. The problem happens if the event or situation passes and the anxiety doesn’t. However, when we think about someone have anxiety we think more about this general unease about life, its direction and all the smalls things that may or may not be of any real concern.

This type of anxiety is more insidious. It may even just slowly develop without you really noticing. This can be called low grade anxiety can go undetected or misunderstood for years. Anxiety can be unreasonable, worrying about things that don’t even exist and produce debilitating phobias and harrowing panic attacks.

So there are different levels to anxiety as there is to stress. Acute stress occurs when a short term situation arises. Maybe a near accident or a situation where something had to be done quickly like someone choking. The body responds and reacts but once the situation is resolved then the stress too dissolves. There is stress that goes on for longer periods, maybe weeks or months (sometimes years) like a sick member of the family, on-going pressures at work or an unhappy relationship. This is called Chronic stress.

Chronic stress is the one that will cause problems if you don’t find ways to address it. If you can’t solve the situation then measures need to be taken to manage the stress. Both stress and anxiety can lead to depression or other physical or mental ailments.

They can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, weight issues, skin problem and menstrual problems , as well as depression, relationship difficulties, addictions and phobias.

So what do you do to release stress and control anxiety?

Many people use what are called distraction techniques. Things like drinking, collapsing in front of the  TV, playing computer games, socialising or even sleeping. Naturally these are not all bad, just that they need limited as they don’t really address the problem or rest the body thoroughly. These techniques should be taken in moderation.

Here are some other healthier ways to handle stress and anxiety and should be considered the foundation practices for cultivating your on-going health and wellness:

  • Spend some quiet time in meditation
  • Spend some time in nature
  • Do some activities that bring you joy
  • Take time out to get some body work like a massage, spa or even just a bath
  • Do a regular program of exercise, weather that is simply walking, jogging or doing some yoga
  • Eat well and go to bed early
  • Come to the breath and body regularly throughout the day
  • Spend time with people who make you feel good

It does’t sound sexy or exciting, but rhythm, routine and commitment is what will ultimately help you stay on track and keep things in check!

All the best. And let me know if I can help you in anyway.

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