Fest Rest – Restorative Yoga

Its  that time of the year where it gets hard to balance our own personal needs of rest and home-coming and those of a busy social schedule. Now that I have finished classes for the year, I decided to make a Restorative Yoga offering for your festive season.DSC_0495

For those of you who were at the last week of classes, this is pretty much the same sequence we went through. For those that couldn’t make it, you can make it up here! In the comfort of your own home.

The video has been made to pause during the poses that have long holds. There are anywhere from 3 to 6 places you can stop and hold. It takes you on a journey of drawing back into yourself, then focuses a little on digestion, then finishes with restoratives that open you back up.

You will need: 1 bolster (or some folded blankets), 2 mini bolsters (or some small cushions), 2 blocks – or not (or something to create height under your bolster/blankets and maybe an eye-bag.

I apologise for the quality of the video. When I took the film, I was fully in the shot, when I made the film it somehow got cropped. Not sure what happened there. However, you won’t really need to watch the video. Listen and be self guided. If you get very confused, then check out what I’m doing!

This is a 15 minute video, but it could take you anywhere from 30 mins to about 50!

Rest, revive, survive!




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