Strong and Opened

I decided to try my hand at another video to support you with your home practice. I am a great believer that your home practice should be just that – Yours. But I also know that you can feel like a beginner in Yoga for a long time and sometimes you’re just unsure what to do.

This video is just a 7 minute sequence, so can be incorporated into a longer personal practice, so you’re not just relying on someone else telling you what to do.

I have put this together with Winter in mind (well, it is Winter after all!) but can be used anytime you want to open the hips and shoulders and strengthen the legs and belly. Using your belly center to move you through this sequence is important. (Core work isn’t all about crunches!) The flow action of the sequence will warm you and grease the joints, while the long holds with warm you (again!) and create strength.

This is quite a grounding and centring practice as well. So can be used anytime you want to connect with the earth element, create a sense of stability in your body or life or feel as though you are centred within yourself, no matter what is happening around you.

Modify anything that doesn’t work for you. Feet will need to be adjusted as you move from pose to pose, doesn’t matter if it doesn’t always feel that fluid. Take your time to get comfortable during the longer holds and make sure the whole body is in agreement.

The use of Ujayyi breath here could be very supportive. However, the natural breath can also be very nourishing so go with what feels right on the day. Everyday is different, so try not to come to your practice with too much of a set idea of how it should be. Everyday on the mat can be a surprise, no matter how long you have been practicing.

Most of all stay connected to the process. Listen to the feedback you get. Continually assess where you are, how you feel and adjust accordingly. You ARE your own best teacher. Learn from the best. YOU!


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