Yoga – Movement Alchemy

So we have a situation in life. The pot is being stirred. Changes start happening and decisions need to be made. IRC-dance-movement-01-600x334

What is the main way we tend to deal with it? By thinking. And thinking can be useful. Thinking can be a great tool in making decisions, exploring ideas and solving problems. That’s sort of its job.

However, what we tend to do is over think instead! Our thinking can really do a number on us. And we can go from problem solving to problem creating.

This over thinking creates all sorts of tension in the body. It brings contraction, tightening, hardness. Try it now. Stop and think about something that is problematic in your life at the moment and feel into your body. Feel into your face, belly, shoulders, buttocks – all over. Do you feel them tighten?

This contraction stops the flow. What flow, I hear you ask. The flow of breath, the flow of energy and the flow of life. Flow is important because this is where the creative juiciness of problem solving comes from. This is where the spontaneous knowing of what to do next comes from. Mostly we just cut ourselves off from it.

So, how can Yoga help?

Yoga and other forms of movement are like a throat lozenge for the body. Practicing a focused form of movement brings us out of our heads and into our bodies. This then clears the mind and changes the energy quality within the body. Once we have done that, we begin to come back into the ‘flow’ where creative problem solving and intuitive knowing comes back to us.

The body knows far more than we give it credit for. It holds to key to where we hold on too tightly to life, where we need to let go and where we need to strengthen or soften.

Of course, this movement alchemy doesn’t restrict us to Yoga, we can apply this to any form of movement; dance, walking, jogging, surfing, swimming, etc. However, Yoga can be so effective because 1. it has clear boundaries with which we work from. These boundaries make it easier to stay focused and be less distracted. And 2. Yoga has been developed over 1000s of years with this is mind. That is, the clearing of the mind, finding a deeper understanding and developing Self knowledge. Among other things of course, but lets just keep it simple.

So simply – Yoga clears the mind so we can get clear on ourselves. And then, on our direction.

It does this through the vehicle of the body.

So next time you find yourself in a quandary or going through great change or a difficult situation, pull out your mat, connect with your breath and start to move.

If you have had an experience where Yoga has helped greatly through a situation, I would love to hear it. Tell your story. Spread the word.

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