2014 – A year of Radical Acceptance

Acceptance is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Acceptance is an act of Love, an act of Kindness.

And I know you will have heard it so many times over and over, but there is no real acceptance of others or of life until we can accept ourselves. I’d like you to take a moment and feel into the resistance you have sitting in your body.

Acceptance has so many faces, so many layers. What does it really mean to accept? Accept what? Ourselves? Our life? Our feelings, family, problems? What does it really mean to Accept?

For me, doesn’t really matter what it means, it’s more of a feeling. Acceptance is a felt sense. Something we experience in our bodies.

So what does it feel like? sunset-birds1

A Softening. From the inside out. A softening from the very core of your being. Almost like an inner smile. Do you remember when you were a child and felt so comfortable and relaxed in your own body? It feels something like that. Something like Peace.

And I know you have heard this before too……. But no, it is not about giving up. It’s about Facing up. Showing up. Being willing to stand in your own chaos, in confusion, in pain or joy or love. It’s about not running away or looking for distractions or giving up Hope.

To accept is to say Yes to something. To be willing to receive or to take on Responsibilities. When we turn this noun ’Acceptance’ into a spiritual practice we are then saying Yes to Life, Yes to Ourselves. We become willing Receivers for all that comes our way. We are prepared to take Responsibility for our own actions and situations we find ourselves in. We become Warriors. Of the Peaceful kind.

And this is done with a gentle Softness and Understanding. We can understand weakness and accept that we have it. We understand mistakes because we know that we make them. We understand pain because we have stood in the heart of it. And we understand others because we know they have felt the same.

This year I invite you to accept the challenge of Acceptance. To join the growing tribe of Peaceful Warriors taking on Acceptance as a spiritual practice. And learn to soften your approach to yourself so you can organically soften your approach to others and to Life itself.

I wish you all a Joyful, prosperous and expanding year ahead. But if it isn’t all that and instead it is challenging, difficult and painful I hope you can accept that and face it with great Courage, Hope and Understanding. I hope that you can be gentle to yourself and those around you. And I hope that you can see your way out with the Clarity that Acceptance brings you.

Blessings from the Universe

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