Stability in Flow

This Spring has been one of the windiest I can remember.

I don’t like wind at the best of times. I find Spring difficult because of the winds, which still have a very cold bite to them. I have been asking many of my student friends and massage clients how they feel about wind and most people seem to feel the same way as I do. Yuck.

So how does it seem to effect you? For me, it brings a sense of instability. A sense of uncertainly. It feels like things are unpredictable. And with this comes a feeling of unease and irritability. I feel like my fuse is shorter for all sorts of things. I can also feel a little jacked off about things – especially the weather!

Now the question is, how can our Yoga practice help bring back balance in such a case? It’s not so much in the choices we make on our postures (though that can help), but the Intention & Pace we give to it.

For me, this Spring I have often started my practice at the back of my mat instead of at the top. Starting in this way, psychologically slows me down. It makes me think about approaching the practice from a different place, with a more retrospective view.

The Pace can be slowed down, moving more methodically, more mindfully. This helps create some of the stability that is missing. It also helps me slow down my thinking & that way I can avoid making rash & poor decisions that come with irritability.

And I have been choosing to stay a little closer to the ground. This makes me feel a little more protected from the hash winds, like I can avoid been beaten about by it. The low to the ground approach is also stabilising & can help control the feeling of uncertainty.

Don’t believe me? Why not try it? Here’s a different take on a morning salute. I’m calling it an Earth Salute. This has been inspired by some of my work with Shiva Rea. Enjoy.

PS This is my very first video, so please let me what you think. I have put it to music instead of giving instructions. (Do you prefer that, or would the instructions be more useful?) Maybe watch it through first, then you can move along with it.

Music is Total Control by Wyshmaster

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