Create your Spring!

Yippee! Spring is here. Undeniably so. The trees are budding, the blossom has started and for this week at least, the sun is shining!

Spring is a time for expansion, growth, renewal, vision and my favourite theme for this DSCN0439year, Creativity. Nature is crazy busy creating beautiful new plant life, flowers. Birds and animals are crazy busy creating new life, a new generation. So we too follow the same rules of nature. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you need to go out and make babies, though there can be a lot of fun in that! But maybe there is there a new project you would like to start? Maybe that’s a gardening project, something crafty or arty, or creating a new look in your home or creating space in your life for more outdoor activities. Or simply creating space in your wardrobe. Being creative doesn’t mean you have to be artistic as such, you can be creative just in the way to move through your day, solve problems and live life.

How can you add more creativity to your life or days just now? What else would you like to bring into your life just now? Maybe there’s a new skill you would like to learn? Or find some time to renewal an old one?

The energy of Spring is similar to the energy of the New Year. Start getting rid of the old. To make room for the new. Clean out your cupboards, your wardrobes, your sheds. Dust down your walls, clear the corner cobwebs, wash your windows so you can see clearly.

This sort clean out can be done both inside and out. Spring is the ideal season to have a detox. It is a natural cleansing season. The liver in particular will benefit from this as they are one of the main organs associated with spring and that of a detox. I’m not a food or diet expert so I’m not here to tell you how to do that (there is plenty of information out there on it) but you can simply start by eating lighter, fresher and greener foods. Try and eat as seasonal as possible. Drink plenty of fresh water to flush out your system. Or start making some fresh juices or smoothies.

The thing about Spring is it isn’t all love and joy. This season can also be a time of frustration, anger, irritability and even depression. The cold winds and rains are still around and just like the changeable season of autumn, spring is a great time for picking up bugs (they too are busy ‘creating’ and multiplying). Hay fever is another thing many have to put up with, so start planning now, how you may manage or reduce these problems.

So Spring is a time we still need to manage our energy, stabilize ourselves and from there we expand, growth, enjoy, create. Both outside and within. Take a moment right now to think about what you might like to create in your life this Spring.

There will be more on this next month on Spring and your Yoga practice.

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